Monday, December 19, 2016

Remembering Bud and Terence

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, between a scazzotata and a plate of beans, all the cult scenes that made them immortal (photos, video)

By Alberto Forno

Blackie the Pirate

1971 Il corsaro nero, Regia di Vincent Thomas

The only movie where the duo does not act together on the same side; Bud is in fact the villain, while Terence Hill has the lead role.

Captain Blackie (Terence Hill), a British pirate, attacks ships carrying gold from the Spanish colonies to the motherland. But he is not the only one, in fact other pirates have the same intent. But when he discovers that a ship does not contain gold, he carries off the wife of the Viceroy of the colony, Blakie decides to ask for her release a high ransom. Even Skull (Bud Spencer), however, would like the woman to get the gold, so forms an alliance with rival pirates Blakie ...

[To be continued tomorrow]

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