Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Espagueti Western

Espagueti Western - Spanish title

A 2007 Spanish production [Áralan Films S.L. (Madrid)]
Producers: Gonzalo Bendala, Mónica Del Castillo, Marta Velasco, Sandra Rodriguez
Director: Sami Natsheh
Story: Gonzalo Bendala, Sami Natsheh
Screenplay: Gonzalo Bendala, Sami Natsheh
Animation: Gonzalo Bendala, Mariano, Mariano López, Santiago López [color]
Music: Felipe Milano
Running time: 12 minutes

Troubador [Paco León voice]

A Spaghetti troubadour relates the adventures of Kid, the fastest cowboy in the West, facing his formidable enemies: the evil Jack Noodles and the fierce macaroni Indians.

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