Monday, December 19, 2016

European Western Comic Books ~ Il Santo

Il Santo (The Saint) was a gunfighter who drifted throughout the West and the comic books series documents his many adventures, involvements with other people’s problems which often lead to fisticuffs and gunplay. The series was written by Italo Di Domenico and drawn by Roman Mangiarano (R. Felmang). Many of the characters depicted in the stories were taken from the Euro-western films popular at the time. Several of the covers were taken directly from Spaghetti western posters.

The comic book series was published by Daniele Cerretti of Rome, Italy from March 1969 to September 1978. A total of 76 issues were published and in 1972/1973 seven issues of Il Santo Super was released with longer story lines. Another six issues were published in 1974.

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