Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Book Release

Quando cantavano le Colt
Enciclopedia cine-musicale del Western all’italiana
(When they sang of the Colt
Encyclopedia cine-music of Spaghetti Westerns

Authors: Federico Biella, Massimo Privitera

Quando cantavano le Colt
Enciclopedia cine-musicale del Western all’italiana

Publisher: Casa Musicale Eco
Pages: 520
Illustrations: 16
ISBN: 9788860535467
Available: December 2016

Did you know the Colts were singing…in addition to shooting?

If you want to find out the why the Colts sang, hike through the dusty cine-musical paths and sunny Italian Wild West, through soundtracks and composers that have highlighted a genre that became the law in the History of Cinema. This "cine-music Encyclopedia of Spaghetti Westerns" reveals the behind the scenes of the scores, among the most famous and lesser-known images of our big screen. The first Italian Western dictionary of film music, full of interviews, analysis of the most famous and multiple outputs OST reviews scores in CD until July 2016. For newbies and great lovers! With a few surprises!

Federico Biella
A teacher and contributor to the magazine Columns Sonore since 2008. He’s very involved in music for film, with a particular fondness for the Italian western.

Massimo Privitera
A director, author and founder of the first and only Italian web magazine about music for film, A filmmaker, television writer, promoter and editor from the '90s to Mediaset.

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