Sunday, December 25, 2016

New Winnetou TV Mini-Series

Winnetou - Der Mythos lebt (Winnetou: the Myth Lives)

In the TV three-part Winnetou mini-series rides Nik Xhelilaj as title hero and Wotan Wilke-Möhring as Karl May side by side in the sunset.

Winnetou - The myth lives

Sculpted by Karl May stories from  theApache Winnetou (Nik Xhelilaj) are retold in the RTL miniseries.

The plot covers three parts - Part 1: Winnetou - A new world, Part 2: Winnetou - The mystery of the Silver Sea and Part 3: Winnetou - The last fight.

In 1860 the German engineer Karl May (Wotan Wilke Möhring) assumes a long journey to be taken.

Arriving in New Mexico, he wants to work for the Central Pacific Railroad Company and is supposed to survey the railway line. On his journey through the remote regions he experiences with his team (incl. Jürgen Vogel as foreman Joseph Rattler) some adventure. He finally comes upon Winnetou, the son of the Apache chief.

Karl and his men quickly get together with the Apaches, but Karl only gradually secures Winnetou's respect. Karl learns the culture of the Apachesrl and each other. Karl falls in love with Winnetou's sister Nscho-chi (Iazua Larios), who cares for his injuries.

Between Karl and Winnetou they develop a close friendship and Karl gets the name Old Shatterhand from his blood brother because of his convincing punch.

The filming of the event's three-part Winnetou, was produced for RTL Television by Rat Pack Filmproduktion together with Rialto Film and Mythos Filmproduktion, and began in August 2015 in Croatia. Jan Berger developed the screenplay with Alexander M. Rümelin.

Winnetou - Der Mythos lebt – German title
Winnetou and Old Shatterhand – English title

A 2015 German production [Aventin Film, Rat Pack Filmproduktion (Munich), Rialto Film (Berlin)]
Producers: Christian Becker, Christoph Müller, Felix Wendlandt, Matthias Wendlandt     
Director: Philipp Stölzl
Story: Karl May
Screenplay: Jan Berger, Alexander M. Rümelin
Cinematography: Sten Mende [color]
Music: Heiko Maile
Running time: 3 episodes x 60 minutes

Story: A three part mini-series telling the story of Karl May and his becoming the blood brother of Winnetou chief of the Chiricahua Apaches and becoming Old Shatterhand.

Winnetou - Nik Xhelilaj
Karl May/Old Shatterhand - Wotan Wilke Möhring
Tangua – Pedja Bjelac (Predrag Bjelac)
Santer Senior – Mario Adorf
Josef Rattler - Jürgen Vogel
Ugly Joe - Oliver Masucci
James Bancroft – Rainer Bock
Slim Miller -  Georg Friedrich
Magua - Sebastian Cavazza
Magua’s wife - Amila Terzimehic
El Mas Loco - Fahri Yardim
Nscho Tschi - Iazua Larios
Neke Bah - Emilio Sakraya Moutaoukkil
Belle – Henny Reents
Ochina - Katarina Strahinic
Pole Tadeusz – Branden Garrett
Tadeusz’ wife - Danira Govich
Sam Hawken - Milan Peschel
Professor Traven - Matthias Matschke
Bandido Coyote – Carlo Ljubek
Bandido Aguirre - Andreas Döhler
Bandido - Adrian Franusic
Mrs. Bancroft – Leslie Malton
Daisy – Csilla Barath-Bastaic
Santer Junior – Michael Maertens
Richter - Gustav-Peter Wöhler
Sheriff Dubrowski - Hanspeter Müller
Deputy – Igor Pecenjev
Mavi Takeh’s father – Francisco Medina
Barkeeper – Gotthard Lange
Pole Czeslaw – Zelkjko Sestic
Czeslaw’s wife – Ines Wurth
Polish worker – Blaz Setnikar
Pole Zbigniew – Ivan Ozegovic
Conductor – Riad Gbozden
Mavi Takeh – Adrian Maaß
Mister Hardy – Ronald Kukulies
Zbigniew’s wife – Anamaria Vrdolak
Journalist – Mirco Kreibich
Chinese – FangYu
Santer henchman – Markus Tomczyk
Anaïs –Marta Cerovecki
Chief Navarro – Ivan Gallardo
Executioner – Roni Lepej
O. Henry – Gottdfried Breitfuss
Sioux Chief – Robert Alan Packard
Cree Chief – Raphael Souza Sá
Hoopa Chief – Kleber Valim
Telegraphist – Andreas Nickl
Apache Warrior – Marko Paradzik
Rattler henchman – Jerry Gerom
Settler – Christian Skibinski
Stunt coordinator: Torsten Jerabek, Tanja Pelster
Stuntmen: Dubravka Borosa, Miroslav Buhin, Nikola Dudas, Goran Goricki, Antonio Ivanovic, Borna Jakusic, Nino Jelusic, Zdravko Jurkin, Domagoj Ljubicic, Nikola Oreskovic, Slaven Petrovic, Radovan Ribic, Krunoslav Seb, Neven Svalina

Episode List
Winnetou – Eine neue Welt, Winnetou – Das Geheimnis vom Silbersee, Winnetou – Der letzte Kampf.


  1. Biltmore: Wasn't there four CD's? Looking forward to see these.

  2. Yes there are four CD's that were released in conjunction with the TV mini-series. That post appeared on December 9th.