Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who Are Those Gals? - Florencia Bécquer

Erna Florencia Bécquer was born on June 9, 1910 in Buenos Aires other sources state Reistencia, Chaco, Argentina to a German father and an Andalusian mother, at age 4 with her family she embarked on a journey through Europe and they are surprised by the outbreak of the First World War as they travel through Germany, where her father dies. She visits Pisa, Spain for the first time in 1919, but shortly thereafter returns to Argentina. Returning to Spanish soil, she debuts before the camera at age 15 in the film "Heart / The Life of a Fashion Designer from Madrid" (1925). Thus was born one of the most important figures of the silent era of Spanish cinema and one of the first vamps. With the advent of sound, her film appearances begin to dwindle and she later migrates to Mexico. Possibly still living I can find no mention of her death.

BECQUER, Florencia (aka Erna Becker, Florencia Becker, Florencia Beley, Erna Bécquer) (Erna Florencia Bécquer) [6/9/1910, Reistencia, Chaco, Argentina -    ]
Dirty Gold - 1941

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