Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Film Release

Blind Tom – English title

A 2011 Dutch production [Hungry Bears Productions ]
Producer: Wouter Jansen
Director: Jan H. de Hartog
Story: Wouter Jansen
Screenplay: Wouter Jansen
Cinematography: Bertin van Vliet, H.W. Jansen [color]
Music: Sexton Creeps
Running time: 7 minutes

Blind Tom - Marc R. Kooij
Ringo - Klaas Koetje
Banjo - Danny da Costa
Cuchillo – Jamal Bel Araby
Saloon patron – Rikus Zijlstra
Double Blind Tom – Maarten Elands
Sniper – Wouter Jansen

There are more people willing to kill Blind Tom than he had counted on, but then again, the blind man has more weapons than his opponents had reckoned with.

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