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Little Rita nel West – Italian title
Rita nel West – Italian title
Rita val al oeste – Argentinian title
Rita contra Django y Gringo – Argentinian title
Os Pistoleiros do Oeste – Brazilian title
Rita no Oeste – Brazilian title
Malá Rita - Czechoslovakian title
Trinityn rämäpäät – Finnish title
T’as bonjour de Trinita – French title
Blaue Bohnen für ein Halleluja – German title
Rita, i listarhina – Greek title
Enas trellis… trellis Trinita – Greek title
Rita, a vadnyugat réme – Hungarian title
Locuras en el oeste – Peruvian title
Rita no Oeste - Portuguese title
Trinity va al oeste – Spanish title
Rita en el West – Spanish title
La pequena Rita – Swedish title
Storsmockan i vilda västern – Swedish title
I vildaste västern – Swedish title
Rita the Kid – Turkish title
Rita of the West – English title
Crazy Westerners – U.S.A. title
Litte Rita of the West – U.S.A. title

A 1967 Italian production [B.R.C. Produzione Film (Rome)]
Producer: Manolo Bolognini
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Story: Ferdinando Baldi
Screenplay: Ferdinando Baldi, Franco Rossetti
Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Robby Poitevin
Songs: “Little Rita”, “Na che te ne fa”, “Tu sei come”, “Per un colpo di pistole”, “Un sceriffo che si rispetti” sung by Rita Pavone
Song: “Rita sei tutti noi” sung by Rita Pavone and Teddy Reno (Ferruccio Merk-Ricordi)
Song: “Piruliruli” sung by Lucio Dalla and Rita Pavone
Running time: 105 minutes

Little Rita/Jane – Rita Pavone
Black Star/Joe “Texas Joe” Talano – Terence Hill (Mario Girotti)
Francis/Fritz Frankfurter/Fitzgerald Scott – Teddy Reno (Ferruccio Merk-Ricordi)
Ringo – Kirk Morris (Adriano Bellini)
Bisonte Seduto/Chief Sitting Buffalo/Silly Bull – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)
Sancho/Pancho Villa – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Mexican trumpet player – Nini Rosso (Raffaele Rosso)
Tribunal President Joseph – Gino Pernice (Luigi Pernice)
Angel/orphan – Nina Larker
Django – Enzo di Natale
Lawyer – Franco Gulà (Francesco Gulà)
Outlaw – Livio Lorenzo
Jesse – Pinuccio Ardia (Rodolfo Ardia)
Cassidy – Remo de Angelis
Saloon patron – Gianni Brezza
Dancers – Flavio Bennati, Vincenzo Cesiro, Renato De Martis, Renato Greco, Umberto Pergola, Piero Pulci
Cowboys – Romano Puppo, Isarco Ravioli
With: Mirella Pamphili

  Little Rita has a dream: she dreams of a better world and she believes that all the evil in the world originates from gold. So she becomes a gunslinger who travels the West chasing outlaws. She takes their stolen gold and hides it in a cave which she plans on blowing up someday to get rid of the root of all evil. Her mission is assisted by the Indian Chief Sitting Buffalo and by her friend Francis. Little Rita kills Ringo and Django, but is then taken prisoner by the Mexican bandit Sancho who wants to steal her gold. Black Star a reformed cowboy rescues her and seems determined to help her and share her way of life.



  1. Hi Tom,

    the portuguese title isn't correct,not spelling in potuguese, it's spanish.

    I've no sure of the proper portuguese title but in portuguese should be:


  2. Thanks Antonio. The title changed and added.

  3. Hey, I have a question. So, I was wondering if the songs that Little Rita and her freinds sing are in spanish. My spanish teacher would like to know. Thanks!

  4. I can't answer that as I have not seen a Spanish copy of the film. All I can say is when I watch the English language version of the film her songs are in Italian so I'm guessing every version of the film her songs are in Italian even though the film's spoken dialogue is in whatever language version if the film you have.