Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eduardo Fajardo opens the 'Walk of Stars' on April 13th.

Eduardo Fajardo, the Galician actor based in the capital, will be the first to be featured with a star. Located on the street Poet Villaespesa, the event will take place on April 13th.

The Galician actor Eduardo Fajardo has lived for more than two decades in Almeria will be the first to have a star on the 'Walk of Stars' which the city of Almeria created in the environment of the Teatro Cervantes and squares and Paul Cazard Marquis de Heredia within the project 'Almeria Earth Film', with which the Department of Tourism aims to attract the attention of experts, amateurs or mytho-maniacs of the big stars who over the past few years have filmed in Almeria.

The event will be held at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 13 on the street Poet Villaespesa, where the actor will place the first star with his name inscribed in bronze. Almeria mayor, Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Commander, said the actor was "very excited" by this recognition and thanked the mayor for the honor of opening this avenue of film art which is tied to the province.

Almeria film history

For the mayor, the election was not made by chance. "Eduardo is a huge part of not oly Spanish film history, but also Almeria film, as many of his films were shot in our province, where years ago he decided to take up residence and where he is doing a great job bringing theater to people with disabilities" said the politician.
The project 'Almeria Film Land' began in January last year with the opening of the Casa del Cinema, in the neighborhood of Villablanca, a cultural city from with which honor film memory and some of its recent history, and all cinema lovers can come to know what the factory of illusions that is film came to mean to a land far away from everyone and almost everything.

Now the "Walk of Stars', a place where they will be left footprints of actors and directors who are filming in Almeria or who have done so previously and whose contribution to the promotion of the city and province as a land of cinema has been a recognized.

The third pillar of this initiative is the marking of places in town where scenes from famous films have been shot, such as Cathedral Square, where they filmed scenes for 'Patton'.


  1. Dear friend Tom congratulations for this beautiful post.
    Congratulations also to all authorities and all people involved in this project for the preservation and recognition to the artists who made history in this genre film.
    Now fans of the spaghetti will have its exclusive "Walk of Fame" in Spain and deservedly opened the illustrious citizen and actor Eduardo Fajardo.
    São Paulo - Brasil

  2. I agree Edelzio, I just wish they would have started 20 years ago. I hope they install some commemorative plaques for those who have already passed on. It would be a shame no to recognize their participation and efforts.