Monday, March 12, 2012

New Film Release

Las Cruces: Silver Starr - Italian title
Shuna: the Legend - English title

A 2011 Italian production [West 46th Films (Rome)]
Producer: Alessandro Parrello, Giampaolo Duranti
Director: Emiliano Ferrera
Story: Emiliano Ferrera
Screenplay: Emiliano Ferrera, Igor Maltagliati, Alezzandro Parello
Cinematography: Cosimo Fiore [color]
Music: Vittorio Giannelli
Running time:

Shuna - Ada Perotti (Hong hu)
Joe Galvez – Alex Parrello (Alessandro Parrello)
Randall McNally - Stefano Fregni
Dickins - Franco Trevisi
Stark - Francesco Cabras
with: Enzo Castellari (Enzo Girolami), Simone Pieroni, Francis Goat, Laura Baldi, Andrea Fitoavanti, Angela Pablico, Marco Caldoro

  Whoever says Italian western is dead, should think again. Coming from West 46TH Films is a western directed by Emiliano Ferrera. With a cast composed of Ada Perotti in the title role and none other than the great Enzo G. Castellari.

Story: New Mexico, 1874. Indians are being persecuted and killed by the Americans. A woman has survived a massacre and with her rifle and Winchester she seeks justice. Known under the name of Shuna, she encounters and kills the brother of Joe Galvez a feared bandit who now wants revenge and a closer of accounts with the Indio, keeper of a secret that concerns them both.

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