Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday Joachim Fuchsberger

Joachim ‘Blacky’ Fuchsberger was born on March 11, 1927 in Stuttgart, Germany. He became an actor and starred in nearly 90 films, and was the presenter of more than 500 TV programs. Fuchsberger became one of the biggest stars of German mainstream cinema with the Edgar Wallace films of the 1960’s. He always played one of the good guys, often an inspector from Scotland Yard. Joachim also appeared in several other European genre films, such as Horror pictures like “The Face of Fu Manchu” (1965), and Euro-westerns like “Der Letzte Mohikaner” (The Last Tomahawk) (1965) and “Who Killed Johnny R?” (1966). In the English-speaking world, he is sometimes credited as Akim Berg or Berger. From time to time, he has appeared in international productions which gained distribution beyond Germany, notably the drama “Io la conoscevo bene” (I Knew Her Well) (1965), and “El Alamein” (Commandos) (1968), with Lee Van Cleef. In the late 1960's Fuchsberger co-founded a real estate company that went bankrupt in a short time. At 42, he had lost his entire fortune, had to sell his villa and sat on a mountain of debt. With the help of his wife, actress Gundula Korte [1930- ], good friends and tireless work, he managed to discharge the debt and to start a new existence. Joachim is the father of the late composer Thomas Fuchsberger [1957-2010]. Today we celebrate Joachim Fuchsberger’s 85th birthday.

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