Sunday, March 18, 2012


Il lungo giorno del massacre – Italian title
Massacre pour un shérif – French title
Das Gesetz der Erbarmungslosen – German title
Das grausame Massaker – German title
Nekrotafeia dihos tafous – Greek title
Häng sheriffen! – Swedish title
The Long Day of the Massacre – English title

A 1968 Italian production [Vivian Film, Boston Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Alberto Cardone
Director: Albert Cardiff (Alberto Cardone)
Story: Mario Gariazzo
Screenplay: Alberto Cardone, Armando Morandi, Mario Gariazzo
Cinematography: Aldo Greci [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope]
Music: Michele Lacarenza
Running time: 103 minutes

Joe Williams – Peter Martell (Pietro Martellanza)
Evans – Glenn Saxson (Roel Bos)
Pedro ‘La Muerte’ – Manuel Serrano
Lara – Liz Barret (Luisa Baratto)
Paquita – Daniela Giordano
Alan – Ugo Adinolfi
Pedro ‘La Muerte’ henchman - Franco Fantasia (Francisco Fantasia),
With: Andrea Fantasia, Gaetano Imbró, Ralph Yebb, Elio Angeulucci, Fortunato Arena

Joe Williams, former sheriff of Kansas City, is unjustly accused of the murder of two farmers which was actually done by the gang of the Mexican bandit ‘La Muerte’. In order to obtain a confession serving to clear him, Joe trails ‘La Muerte’, and when he finally locates him he is able to stop a bank robbery planned by the bandit. Unfortunately Joe is captured by ‘La Muerte’, but is saved by the arrival of the sheriff and his posse. After a fierce gun battle, during which Joe saves the life of the sheriff, the band of ‘La Muerte’ is eliminated. The sheriff realizes that Joe cannot have committed the double murder and cancels the arrest warrant, allowing him to get away and cross the nearby border.

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  1. This is the only Spaghetti Western that pairs Peter Martell with Glenn Saxson. After this, Peter Martell never worked with Glenn ever again.