Thursday, March 22, 2012

Longhorn Roundup

Rassemblement de longhorn – French title
Longhorn Roundup parts 1 and 2 – English title

A 2007 Hungarian production [Diamond Productions (Budapest)]
Director: Csaba Borbely
Cinematography: [color]
Running time: 171 minutes

Hung – Lucian Dickson
Cort Berringer, Giovanni DeLagiorna, Brooks Dexter, Robert Driverman, Martin Grey, Breno Lopez, Matt Stefan (Steve Hunt), Rod Stevens, Casper Watts, Jack Wright, Devon Williams, Keith Angel

Story: 2 part western based gay adult film.

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  1. Wait a minute! Did you just say this was a two part Western based gay adult film? Please tell me you didn't see it. Not that I have a problem with gay cowboys or even gay people, but come on. You didn't have to tell me that!