Friday, March 30, 2012

A Long Ride to Eden

Ein Langer Ritt nach Eden – German title
A Long Ride to Eden – English title

A 1971 West German production [Günter Hendel Productions (Munich)]
Producer: Günter Hendel
Director: Günter Hendel
Story: Robert S. Gordon
Screenplay: Robert S. Gordon
Cinematography: Lutz Ziervogel [color]
Music: Stanley Fromm, Walter Geiger
Running time: 83 minutes

Rachel Stevens – Ingrid Steeger (Ingrid Stengert)
Lucy – Karin Heske
Elmer – Derek Brand
Kamiah – Nevanka Dundek (Nevenka Dundek)
Langer – Mike Run (Manfred Eder)
Joshua – Achim Hammer
Jack – Günter Hendel
With: Boris Cavazza

Two gringos arrive in a ghost town named Cripple, where they meet two Quaker couples from Pennsylvania. The Quakers live simply in a hut surviving on watered down soup and bread. Soon it turns out that the two gringos are bandits who are waiting for their fellow gangster. The two Quaker women awaken certain natural needs of the gangsters, especially Mrs. Stevens who is particularly liberal with her body, bathing naked in front of them. Otherwise the outlaws are not lead on by the women. While waiting for their friend they decide to terrorize the couples with violence and force the women to have sex with them.


  1. Released as late as August 1974, this is a very poor film in any way of looking at it. Made with on a shoestring budget, it contains bad, bad acting, senseless dialogue and ugly males behaving like recor-breaking womanizers. Hard to sit through.

  2. Thanks Fatman, I've never heard anything good about it either. Probably was made with the porno angle in mind and to make a quick profit.

  3. After reading the synopsis, I have to say that I DON'T recommend this film to anybody. And it's not only because of the simple fact that this ain't ya Mama's Western but also because the taboo pornography in the film is quite brutal. And the name of the town is Cripple. Not Cripple Creek, not Cripple City, just Cripple. I think another great title for this should be "Rape In The Town Of Cripple". It could also be called, "Cripple Rape" "Frontier Taboo", "Danger Cripple", "Cripple Diabolik", "Six Guns And Slaughter", and "Trouble In The town Of Cripple". And no, I'm not remaking this piece of shit. This is one of many films I WOULDN'T wanna remake along with "The Cowboys", "Halloween", "High Plains Drifter", and "Goodfellas" just to name a few. Some classics are better left alone and this is one of them. Whoever made this movie should go to jail for a very long time because I can't see anybody on Earth enjoying this. Don't watch this film or you'll wish you hadn't. That's all I can say.