Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I lunghi giorni della vendetta – Italian title
Faccia d’angelo – Italian title
Los largos días de la venganza – Spanish title
Dias de Vingança – Brazilian title
Skyd - så lever du - Danish title
Vendetta – Finnish title
Les longs jours de la vengeance – French title
Der lange Tag der Rache – German title
Angel Face – Der lange Tag der Rache – German title
Ateleiotes imeres tis ekdikiseos – Greek title
Os Longos Dias da  Vingança – Portuguese title
Vendetta – Swedish title
The Deadliest Gunfight (Ted Barnett) – Swedish title
The Deadliest Gunfight – English title
The Long Days of Vengeance – English title
Days of Violence – English title
Long Days of Revenge – U.S.A. title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [Mediterranee P.C. (Rome), Mingyar P.C. (Madrid)]
Producers: Luciano Ercoli, Alberto Pugliese
Director: Stan Vance (Florestano Vancini)
Story: Mahnahén Velasco
Screenplay: Augusto Caminito, Fernando Di Leo
Cinematography: Francisco Marin (Francisco Harrada) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Armando Travaioli
Running time: 123 minutes

Ted Barnett – Giuliano Gemma
Sheriff Joe Douglas – Francisco Rabal (Francisco Valera)
Wildwood Dulcie – Gabriella Giorgelli
Mr. Cobb – Conrado Sanmartin (Conrado Prieto)
General Porfirio – Franco Cobianchi d’Este
Dolly – Nieves Navarro (Nieves Garcia)
Doctor Pajarito – Pajarito (Murriz Brandariz)
Mike – Pedrucho (Pedro Paguaga)
Morgan – Doro Corrà (Teodoro Doro)
Gomez – Milo Quesada (Raul Alonso)
Corporal – Ivan Scratuglia
Hangman – Jesus Guzman
Barber - Carlos Otero (Carlos Pereira)
With: Omán de Bengala, Carlo Hurtado, Jesús Puche, Juan Antonio Rubio (Juan Garcia), Bill Farbert, Moises Rocha

  Ted Barnett, a young man who is serving a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit escapes from prison with the help of a fellow prisoner and heads for Kartown, a village near the Mexican border where it intends to right the injustice of which he was a victim and find out, also, the murderer of his father. The news of his escape reaches Kartown and warns several people: Cobb, a local tyrant; Douglas the corrupt sheriff; Dolly the girl that left Ted to marry Cob. Ted arrives unnoticed in the area accompanied by a drifter and his granddaughter Dulcy. Arriving in Kartown, he discovers that behind the conspiracy is a flourishing trade in weapons for the Mexican revolutionaries led by Cobb and with the connivance of Douglas, a trade for which it was necessary for the smugglers to get hold of the railroad owned by Ted’s father. Barnett’s revenge begins to take place, methodically and relentlessly. When the final battle seems to be resolved in favor of Cobb who manages to get a conviction against Ted and he is put on the gallows, Dolly repents which allows the judge to discover the truth.



  1. One of my most favorite Gemma films! Love the score by Travaioli, too. Classic stuff all around.

  2. I been a Big fan of Western's since my Childhood in Italy were I also participated as extra on film in Cinecitta' .. my favor it actor was Giuliano Gemma , I enjoyed every movie he made , also im still like and fan of Clint Eastwood......

  3. I've always been a true Western movie and TV fan. But I especially like the Spaghetti Westerns. Giuliano Gemma is one of my favorite actors and I've seen at least two of his films. I haven't seen this one though. I will if I can find it on YouTube. Nevertheless it's great.