Thursday, March 8, 2012

The LIttle Sheriff

Il piccolo sceriffo – Italian title
The Little Sheriff – English title

A 1950 Italian production [S.E.C.I.T. Società Edizioni Cinematografiche Torelli (Rome)]
Director: Vittorio Sala
Story: Il piccolo sceriffo by Tristano Torelli
Screenplay: Tristano Torelli
Cinematography: Gian Maria Rimoldi [black & white]
Music: Federico Bergamini, Mario Mariotti
Running time:

Giosè Rimes, Mirella Uberti

Italian short film based on the Italian comic book character “The Little Sheriff”.

[From the comic book was taken in 1950 a homonymous film directed by Vittorio Sala and played by the nephews of Tristano Torelli. After being presented in the section section of the XI Venice Film Festival, he had a solo screening on the morning of December 3, 1950 at the Empire of Milan cinema. The only copy would be sold along with editorial material inherent in the film, to relatives of Torelli emigrated to South America [without source]. The film is considered unfortunately lost.]

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  1. How little was he? Like an elf or a midget? LOL