Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Spanish Western "Santa Barbara" in production

Shooting has begun on the western 'Santa Barbara' at the Tabernas’ Fort Bravo

The film is directed by Luisje Moyano starring Barbara de Lema, Francisco Conde, Enrique Escudero and Beatriz Rico

Diego Martinez / Tabernas

The village of Tabernas Fort Bravo welcomed yesterday the filming of a western movie entitled Santa Barbara starring Barbara de Lema, the Almerían Francisco Conde, Enrique Escudero and Beatriz Rico.

The main role in the film is played by the actress Barbara de Lema, who arrives in Santa Barbara seeking vengeance. The town which is under control of the sheriff (Enrique Escudero) and his evil partner Milner (Francisco Conde) have the townspeople under a rule of tyranny. Dust begins to move in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara is a history of thirst, revenge and power, peopled by characters who move in a thin line between greed and death, selfish characters, introverted, dirty and unscrupulous.

The film is directed by Luisje Moyano born in Barcelona and produced by SuperMedia adoption. A preview of the film in the way of a teaser is to be presented at the Spanish Film Festival in Malaga, in order to procure financing to finish the film.

The film will be shot entirely in Tabernas this summer, and will feature Almería actor Francisco Conde as one of the players, the coaching staff also will be from Almeria as well as the crew and specialists.

Francisco Conde explains that "I play a villain. I love making this movie. We’ll film the first step now and then this summer we will film entirely in Almeria, because a western can only be shot in this land." Meanwhile, Barbara de Lema said "It is a dream coming true for all of us. In principle, Luisje Moyano offered me a role of a righteous woman. When I read the script I realized that the story was short and I said yes to a film and accepted the role. And filled my dream of  the best place to shoot was Almeria."

Luisje Moyano, director of the film notes that "The screenplay for the film I wrote in Cuba in 30 days." The filmmaker who is closely linked to Almeria has a dream to shoot this summer in Tabernas. "I am interested in filming this summer because it will be very hot and so I have very sweaty actors and I will appear as Piggy."

Interestingly, among the characters in the film is the writer and film historian, Carlos Aguilar who has a small cameo role as a gambler, which interestingly he has just completed a novel set in the west and taverns that will be released in the fall. Today the shoot continues in a town that has a rich history.


  1. Well, where do I begin...
    I'm not write about the horrid translation from spanish to english, only point some facts. First, the director's name isn't "Moyano Luisje", but "Luisje Moyano" (first name Luisje, last name or surname Moyano, it is only written right once in the whole post). Also, He was born in Barcelona, but grew up in Andalusia. Which, by the way, is nearly in the opposite end of spain from Barcelona.

  2. Sorry Anonymous, you can blame me for getting the director's name backwards. I've corrected the error you can blame the writer Diego Martinez for the Andalusia error. As far as the translation blame Google Translator. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Was the film ever made? Or did they scrap it? That's what I would like to know. If they made it, I can't find it anywhere on YouTube and it doesn't show up on demand. I used to have a Firestick but that has since been gotten rid of. What was the film even about? This I've gotta know. Thanks.