Friday, March 2, 2012

RIP Gérard Rinaldi

Gérard Rinaldi, the leader of Chariot, has died.
The singer and actor Gerard Rinaldi died at age 69 this morning March 2, 2012 at a hospital in a suburb of Briis Forge in the Essonne following a long illness

For over thirty years, Gérard Rinaldi and his band Good Charlotte have played their sophomoric humor from the post-sixties to the early ‘70s.

His success attracted more success, Gérard Rinaldi  led his Merry Men - Gerard Filipelli, Sarrus Jean, Jean-Guy Fechner and Luis Rego - into the cinema. Directed by the merry filmmaker specialist Jean Claude Zidi Girault, they became a formidable foe in madness. On stage, Rinaldi played along with his crazy companions in white clown face; he was incorrigible. Their direct and well-oiled comedy worked well. After appearing on the top of the bill, the Chariot of Humor begins to slowly tire with the general public. The group began to dissolve with Luis Rego leaving to continue a solo career. In 1983, however the Apérobic, a pastiche of the cult show Davina Veronica, rejoin and sends the Chariot to the top the charts.

A successful television: Marc and Sophie

Rinaldi's career began in television in the famous Holy Chéries by Jean Becker. He played opposite the wonderful Micheline Presle. He waited seventeen years before assuming the lead role in the popular series, Mark and Sophie. In it, he was Mark, a friendly veterinarian. His wife Sophie was a physician in the city. The fun adventures of the French couple who many recognize as themselves in the series.

Complete artist: theater and dubbing

In song, film, television ... Gérard Rinaldi also had in 1987, a successful career in vaudeville. In 1992, he starred in A Flea in Her Ear by Feydeau directed by Jean-Claude Brialy. In 2004, he reprised the role of Jean Poiret in Le Canard à l'Orange by William Douglas-Home. A good actor who also had a fine singing voice. His warm tone of a crooner has been widely used in the dubbing of international blockbusters. Including Jurassic Park, The Beverly Hills Cop, Harry Potter etc.

With the death of Gerard Rinaldi, a bit of the spirit of yesterday also disappears today. He was, throughout his career, filled with modesty and talent, on stage and screen with his friends, the Chariot, or alone in the theater and on television he perpetuated the spirit of the rebellious schoolboy in the late sixties and early the seventies.

Rinaldi was a French voice dubber in 1971's "Lucky Luke: Daisy Town" and also appeared twice on the French/Canadian TV western series "Bordertown" (1989, 1991) as George La Carre.

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