Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Vivo per la tua morte – Italian title
Dispara o cavate la fosa – Italian title
Vivo para tu muerte – Argentinian title
Vivo pela Tua Morte – Brazilian title
Живея за смъртта ти – Bulgarian title
Det lange ridt fra helvede – Danish title
Veriset dollarit – Finnish title
L'évadé de Yuma – French title
Ich bin ein entflohener Kettensträfling  – German title
Killer auf der Flucht – German title
Django - Ich bin ein entflohener Kettensträfling – German title
O drapetis pou efyge apo tin Kolasi – Greek title
Guarda tu pistola Judas – Mexican title
Vivo Para a Tua Morte - Portuguese title
Eu traiesc pentru moartea ta – Romanian title
Guarda tu pistol Judas – Spanish title
Vivo para matarte – Spanish title
Cehennemde firtine – Turkish title
I Live For Your Death – English title
A Long Ride from Hell – U.S.A. title

A 1968 Italian production [B.R.C. Produzione (Rome)]
Producer: Manolo Bolognini
Director: Alex Burks (Camillo Bazzoni)
Story: Judas Gun by Gordon D. Shirreffs (Gordon Donals Shirreffs)
Screenplay: Roberto Natale, Steve Reeves (Stephen Reeves)
Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Eastmancolor]
Music: Carlo Savina
     Song: “The Long Ride West” sung by Don Powell
Running time: 95 minutes

Mike Sturges – Steve Reeves (Stephen Reeves)
Marlin Mayner – Wayde Preston (William Strange)
Roy Sturges – Sergio De Vecchi
Deputy Sheriff Harry – Lee Burton (Guido Lollobrigida)
Sheriff Max Freeman – Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Ruth Harper – Silvana Venturelli
Bill Savage – Ted Carter (Giovanni Pazzafini)
Ranch hand - Ivan Scratuglia
Incarnacion – Rosalba Neri
Bobcat Bates – Spartaco Conversi
Mason – Franco Balducci
Shorty Yeager – Bruno Corazzari
Tracy – Remo De Angelis
Castleman – Franco Fantasia (Francisco Fantasia)
Mexican bounty hunter – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Felicias – Silvana Bacci
Naco bartender – Mario Maranzana
Mrs. Sturges – Emma Baron Cerlesi (Emma Bardon)
Gambler – Fortunato Arena
Baldy Morris - Enzo Fiermonte (Vincenzo Fiermonte)
Sturges’ cellmate – Simon Arriaga

  Mike Sturges and his family own a horse ranch in Arizona but his life suddenly changes when his horses are stolen by a band of outlaws. Mike and his younger brother Roy head out to find the horses and the thieves. Along the way, they run into a railroad security agent named Marlin Mayner who warns them to stay away from Dragon's Pass. It turns out, the outlaw gang is planning on robbing the oncoming train of its gold and the Mayner wants to keep Mike out of harm's way. But Mike, determined to find his horses, doesn't listen, and after he is shot, and his brother disappears, sheriff Freeman shows up and accuses Mike and Roy of the crime. The brothers are sent to the hell hole, Yuma State Penitentiary. There, a cruel guard tortures Roy to death, and Mike having no other choice is determined to escape, or die trying. When Mike eventually does escape he decides to seek revenge on Mayner and the lawman who set him up.



  1. Portuguese title:

    Vivo Para a Tua Morte

  2. Thanks Antonio. Portuguese title added.

  3. Hi Tom,
    Some extra info on the cast list, as I watched this last night. Ivan Scratuglia doesn't play Roy, he's one of Reeves' ranch hands. Bruno Corazzari's full character is Shorty Yeager. Enzo Fiermonte played a charatcer in the version I saw (the English dub) called Baldy Morris. Simon Arriaga was a prisoner sharing a cell with Reeves at Yuma. Didn't spot Berti, Albaicin and Garcia in the movie at all.
    Best, Howard

  4. Have to correct you as to the name of the prison, Tom. Yes, it was INDEED called the Hell Hole but it was Yuma Territorial Prison and not the Yuma State Penitentiary like you said. This film takes place in the 1800s and Arizona, as well as New Mexico, wouldn't and didn't become states until 1912. Thought you should know.