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La lunge cavalcata della vendetta – Italian title
Cavalgada da Vingança – Brazilian title
Koston taival – Finnish title
La longe chevauchee de la vengeance – French title
Djangos blutige Spur – German title
Djangos Spur – German title
O Cavaleiro da Vingança – Portuguese title
The Long Cavalcade of Vengeance – English title
Deadly Trackers – English title
The Long Revenge’s Ride – English title
The Long Ride of Revenge – English title

A 1972 Italian production [Europe (Rome)]
Producer: Giovanni Vari
Director: Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Story: Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Screenplay: Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Cinematography: Romolo Garroni [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Carlo Eposito
Running time: 92 minutes

James Luke/Jeff Carter/Django – Richard Harrison
Jane – Anita Ekberg (Kerstin Ekberg)
Montana – Rick Battaglia (Caterino Bertaglia)
Deborah Luke/Carter – Dada Gallotti (Alba Gallitto)
Gamblers – Georgie Wang (Wang Yie), John Dulaney
Montana henchman – Calogero Caruana
With: Omergo Gargano, Lorenzo Piani, Emilio Vale (Emilio Messina), Men Fury (Furio Meniconi), Alex Perry (Alessandro Perella), Attilio Dottesio

  A young woman, Deborah Carter, forced to sell the family farm by the railroad is then robbed, raped and murdered by bandits, led by a Mexican named Montana. Returning from the war of secession, the victim's brother, Jeff, decides to avenge her. Killing three of Montana’s henchmen, he succeeds, seizing a woman, to attract the Mexican into a fatal trap. It turns out that Jerome, the unfaithful servant Deborah, to be the culprit who had joined with Montana to bring about the trajedy. With his killing and the recovery of the gold stolen from his sister, Jeff concludes his revenge.

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  1. It's funny how they call Richard Harrison's character "Django" in this movie when the movie has little to nothing to do with him. I wonder if the studio heads got the memo?