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Spaghetti Western English Speaking Voice Actors ~ Lloyd Battista


Lloyd McAteer Battista was born May 14, 1937 in Cleveland, Ohio. Battista studied acting at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He was active on Broadway and off-Broadway stages, appearing in productions of plays such as “Sexual Perversity” in Chicago and “The Homecoming”. His television roles ranged from the CBS soap opera ‘Love of Life’ in the 1950s and the mini-series James A. Michener's ‘Texas’ in 1994. He appeared in movies such as “Chisum” (1970), “Love and Death” (1975), and “In Hell” (2003).

As we all know Lloyd appeared in several Spaghetti Westerns with Tony Anthony that he wrote the screenplays for. Battista wrote the screenplay for Anthony's “Treasure of the Four Crowns” but did not appear in the film.

On the radio, Battista was heard between 1974 and 1982 on the ‘CBS Radio Mystery Theater’. He also wrote The Nose Knows, a guide to Los Angeles area restaurants.

BATTISTA, Lloyd (aka Lloyd Batista, Llyod Batista) (Lloyd McAteer Battista) [5/14/1937, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. –     ] - screenwriter, theater, film, radio, TV, voice actor, poet, author, married to Monica G Maharam [1939-    ] father of Laura Battista [198?-    ].

Lloyd Battista’s Euro-western dubbing:

For a Few Dollars More – 1965 [English voice of Luigi Pistilli, José Marco]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 1966 [English voice of Luigi Pistilli]

God Forgives... I Don't! – 1967 [English voice of Terence Hill]

Ace High – 1968 [English voice of Terence Hill]

The Silent Stranger – 1968 [himself]

Boot Hill – 1969 [English voice of Terence Hill]

Blindman – 1971 [himself

Get Mean – 1975 [himself]

Comin’ At Ya! – 1981

The New Zorro (TV) – 1990 [himself]

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