Thursday, August 18, 2022

New Western Release “The Day the World Turns”


The Day the World Turns


The Day the World Turns – English title


A 2022 Spanish film production [Almanzora Video Production,  Moyano Lingua     Consulting and Productions (Madrid)]

Producers: Martin Michiels, Ine Koster

Directors: Martin Michiels, Didier Methivier

Story: Martin Michiels

Screenplay: Martin Michiels

Cinematography: Martin Michiels [color]

Music: Sky Toes Main, Electric Rodeo, Changes, Country Fire Site

Running time: 21 minutes



Frank O’Neal – Freddy Moyano Barroso (Alfredo Moyano-Barroso)

John Carlson - Didier Methivier

Jean O’Neal - MarZia Liuzzi

Amber O’Neal – Ine Koster

Missy Jackson - Trevilla Hodge

Doctor – Ken Yates

Bob - Juan Angel Acebal Granda

Joey – Manuel Lopez Garcia

Tom – Harrie Bauer

Freddy Moyano Barroso, Bowdie Bentz


Story: A former bandit, now semi-retired as a cattle rancher in Mexico, must confront the aftermath of his mischievous past at the expense of his closest family. Is his former world ready to turn around for good or for the worst?


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  1. Well, at least SOMEONE'S world turned. LOL