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First look at the new Spanish Zorro television series

 Yesterday (July 28. 2022), the filming of the Secuoya Studios series, starring Miguel Bernardeau, took over the Literary Building in the capital of Gran Canaria


By Victoriano Suarez Alamo

July 29, 2022

Brad Pitt, Shirley MacLaine, Gregory Peck, Uma Thurman... and at the beginning of the year Jennifer Lopez and Joseph Fiennes. The list of performers who have filmed in the Literary Cabinet of the capital of Gran Canaria is as extensive as it is varied and from disparate generations. Miguel Bernardeau, the young protagonist of the series 'Zorro', which has been filming on the island since December until last Monday, joined this list yesterday afternoon which, as long as the current tax incentive policy continues, will increase good insurance in the coming months.

Starting this July 28, 2022 at noon, the Secuoya Studios production team took over the Literary Cabinet and the Plaza de Cairasco to transform these emblematic enclaves of the capital into a vintage film set, with the asphalt covered with dirt, for this series of ten episodes that will be shot entirely on the island.

After several rehearsals, Diego de la Vega's character, Zorro, in civilian clothes and without his characteristic black mask, got out of a luxurious carriage with a young Asian woman at the foot of the Literary Cabinet in a sequence of this series that Amazon Prime Video will broadcast in 'streaming' in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

[Two extras seen waiting to shoot next to the Plaza de Cairasco in the capital of Gran Canaria. / Juan Carlos Alonso.]

The Literary Cabinet was not the only location for 'Zorro' yesterday. Sources close to the shooting confirmed to CANARIAS7 that several scenes were also filmed in the municipality of Gáldar. And it is that this production is shot with two units in parallel, to maximize the stay of the entire team on the island until December.

The shooting, as this newspaper advanced in its printed and written edition, started last Monday, the 25th, in the Gardens of the Marquesa de Arucas, a location to which they will constantly return to is the shooting plan.

The shooting plan until the end of the year has been divided into three parts, according to the same sources. The first takes place in the north of the island, with locations such as the aforementioned and emblematic Arucas gardens and Finca de los Dolores, in Firgas, which has already hosted shootings such as the feature film 'Cuatro Latas', by Gerardo Olivares, in 2018.

The second part will take place in the coming months in the interior of the island, while the bulk of the sequences to be shot in the South have been reserved for the final stretch, including the Sioux City facilities, which have been closed to the public since early summer for this audiovisual production.

'Zorro' comes to life every day as a result of the participation of a large team of professionals, a good number of them from the Canary Islands, according to the same sources. Among the companies in the sector participating in this project are the Canarian companies Macaronesia Films and Riverflow Pictures.

Javier Quintas and Miguel Ángel Vivas will co-direct this audiovisual project, whose script is written by Carlos Portela.

Miguel Ángel Bernardeau Duato (Valencia, December 12, 1996), son of actress Ana Duato and producer Miguel Ángel Bernadeau, will be in charge of bringing Zorro to life in this new series. He gained a lot of popularity thanks to his character of Guzmán Nunier, a young man from a wealthy family, in the series 'Elite', broadcast by Netflix.

The young actor, very active on social networks, has posted different photos with his girlfriend, the singer Aitana, in the villa where they have been staying in the South of Gran Canaria.

The other leading actress of 'Zorro', whose presence is confirmed in the series, is Renata Notni. The young Mexican interpreter will be in charge of giving life to Lolita Márquez, the love of the youthful Diego de la Vega.

Regarding the synopsis of this series of ten installments, Secuoya Studios has advanced that it is an adaptation of the adventures of the character created by the writer and journalist Johnston McCulley, according to a vision of the 21st century and with greater female weight.

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