Saturday, August 6, 2022

In Rough Waters

 In Rough Waters


Aqua Brava – Spanish title

In Rough Waters – English title


A 2021 Spanish short film production [Moyano Lingua Consulting and Productions]

Producer: Freddy Moyano (Alfredo Moyano-Barroso)

Director: Manuel Olaya

Story: Manuel Olaya

Screenplay: Manuel Olaya

Cinematography: Freddy Moyano (Alfredo Moyano-Barroso), Manuel Olaya

Music: Hayden Folker

Running time: 6 minutes



Hidalgo – Freddy Moyano (Alfredo Moyano-Barroso)

Dalton – Manuel Olaya

Doncella – Laura Felices

Chief Osh – Armin Lautz

Aliya - Isabel Rebolledo


Story: Near the Arizona-Mexico border, long wanted villain, Hidalgo, has teamed up with the Indian communities to kidnap and trade slavery. Dalton is on Hidalgo's steps. The fate of many is at stake.

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