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European comic books ~ L’Avventura > Albi Americani - Albi Giramondo


L’Avventura > Albi Americani - Albi Giramondo

A total of 115 issues came out of this series of comic books of The Great Adventures From #1 on July 6, 1944 to #20 in 1947 along with the Albo series from #1 on June 15, 1947 to #88 on June 10, 1949.

The Great Adventure series did not carry series numbering but only that of the individual characters, while the Adventure Book, which had double numbering, that of the series and that of the characters, ends with #88. Actually, there are 95 registers as there are 7 bis numbers (#79, #81, #82, #83, #84, #85 and #86 of the Zorro Series).

Albo Adventure was in turn divided into two series: Albi Americani (with characters of American production) and Albi Giramondo (with characters of Italian production).

Comic book series that reprints material already appeared in L’Aventura, which initially comes out as a supplement, including: Audax by Jim Gary; Lyman Young's Cin e Franco (Tim Tyler's Luck); Folgore by Alberto and Mario Guerri (J. Fire); Lee Falk and Phil Davis' Mandrake; Marco Spada (Brick Bradford) by William Ritt and Clarence Gray; Radio Pattuglia (Radio Patrol) by Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt; Raff  by Alberto Guerri and Vittorio Cossio; Lee Falk and Ray Moore's The Phantom; and Zorro. Two vertical albums were initially released ("Mandrake Against the Tyrant" and "Marco Spada"), distributed only in central-southern Italy; the following ones are horizontal. Folgore and Raff series: they have a triple numbering, that of the Adventure Album, that of the character and that of the The Great Adventures collection. For example “The Underwater City” is the tenth episode of Raff, the #36 of the Adventure Register and #20 of the Great Adventure collection. The first six issues of Raff came out as Albi di Giramondo le Grand Adventure.

Mandrake series: #8/9 are part of the Adventurous Register (1948). "The End of the Octopus" was printed before "The Pirates-Ghosts" and "Nel covo di Lafitte" although it was the final part of the whole story; from the episode "The Valley of the Wolves" (#79), the numbering of the series resumes from #1. In the appendix Arm of Iron by Bela Zaboly, also published in the albums of Radio Pattuglia.

The Masked Man Series series: "A Theft from the Cave of the Skull" was printed after "The Stolen Treasure" and "The Justice of the Bandar" despite being the beginning of the whole story.

The series was printed by CPM (Capriotti Publishing House) in Rome under the direction of Alberto Crucillà. Each issue consisted of 16 black & white pages with color covers and was released weekly.




01 [75] (15.01.49) - “La diligenza della morte”

02 [76] (22.01.49) - “L'attacco al treno”

03 [77] (29.01.49) - “Duello a morte”

04 [78] (15.02.49) - “Persecuzione infernale”

05 [79bis] (19.02.49) - “Lotta senza quartiere”

06 [81bis] (12.03.49) - “La rivincita dell'amazzone”

07 [82bis] (19.03.49) - “La cascata della morte”

08 [83bis] (23.04.49) - “Il cane fantasma”

09 [84bis] (30.04.49) - “L'uomo della cava”

10 [85bis] (07.05.49) - “Zorro in pericolo”

11 [86bis] (14.05.49) - “La valle maledetta”

12 [87] (03.06.49) - “Il figlio di Zorro”

13 [88] (10.06.49) - “La rivincita di Kid”

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