Monday, August 22, 2022

European Western Comics ~ lbi dell’Intrepidezza


lbi dell’Intrepidezza

(lbs of intrepedation)


This comic book series produced a total of 232 issues. From September 1946 to November 18, 1955. It contains a host of various characters such as Franca by Carlo Cossio, Miriam Peverelli, Leo Veri and Vittorio Cossio. Mirko by C. Cossio, Vittorio Cassio L. Verri, and Lupen. Dix and Tornado Roy by Pini Segna: Kocis, the Lonely Knight; Nik, the Little Policeman and The Knight of the North by Antonio Chiomenti and Vincenzo Chiomenti; Albo Tris, with Mowgli by Roberto Renzi and Augusto Pedrazza and Black Pantherby A. Chiomenti and V. Chiomenti.

The series was published by MTO (M. Tomasina Tim, Edit) in Milan, Italy

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