Saturday, August 27, 2022

New Book Release Bloody and Western Cinema Sam Peckinpah


Bloody and Western Cinema Sam Peckinpah

Author: Stefano Jacurti


Country: Italy

Publisher: EMIL

Pages: 240

ISBN-10: 8866804371

ISBN-13: 978-8866804376

Released July 8, 2022


Stefano Jacurti, actor and writer with directing experience in indie cinema and theater, engages in a book dedicated to a great director of memorable westerns such as The Wild Bunch: Sam Peckinpah. The book is a journey between the weaknesses of a man and the strength of a director of unforgettable films such as “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid” with the participation of Bob Dylan who is joined by the disturbing “Straw Dosg”, the gloomy “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia”, the road movie of a fantastic couple in “Getaway”, the bankrupt Sierra Charriba that became legend and other films that were often against the tide. Jacurti draws readers into the parable of an uncomfortable director and his fight against the Hollywood producers, a precursor who paved the way for the idea of ​​an independent cinema. Unforgettable sequences and actors entered the collective imagination, including what could have been and was not with Fellini, Leone and Peckinpah sitting at the same table, make the book a volcanic journey that saw "bloody" Sam shooting absolute masterpieces despite the excesses of a life like Steve McQueen. Foreword by Orietta Cicchinelli, journalist, writer, co-founder of the newspaper - Metro Italia

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