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Spaghetti Western English Speaking Voice Actors ~ Corrine Orr


Corinne Orr was born in Montreal, Canada. She became involved in the theater at the age of 10, and by 14 she was working with the Montreal Repertory Theatre and Montreal's Mountain Playhouse alongside William Shatner and Christopher Plummer. With her stage background, Corinne quickly landed work in radio, animation and TV in Canada -- including 'Chez Hélène' (1959), a live TV show broadcast daily -- and then she arrived in New York City around 1960 and went to work for Peter Fernandez at his dubbing studio.

Corinne has given her voice to characters in over 1,000 commercials, including Snuggle Fabric Softener's Snuggle the Bear, and worked in more than 200 animated movies and series including "Grave of the Fireflies", "Star Blazers" (1979), "Ultraman" (1972), "Marine Boy" (1968), "The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers" (1986) and Disney's "Stanley and the Great Big Book of Everything" (1980) and "PB&J Otter" (1998).

Beyond Trixie, Orr voiced Speed's little brother, Spritle, and all the female voices in the original 'Speed Racer' (1967) series, and she was featured as an announcer in the live-action film version ("Speed Racer" (2008)).

Corinne was a judge of the Emmy's for 18 years, served on the Actors Guild council for 13 years, and has appeared as a guest at numerous entertainment conventions including The Hollywood Show, Anime North, Anime Atlanta, and New York Comic Con. She is included in the Paley Archive's "Women in Film" series and appears on many benefits.

ORR, Corrine (sks Rhoda Chrosite, Corinne Or) [ 1/6/1936, Montreal, Quebec, Canada -     ] – voice actress and dubber.

Corrine Orr’s Euro-western dubbing:

Fistful of Dollars – 1964 [English voice of Fredy Arco]

[Submitted by Mike Ferguson]

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