Friday, August 12, 2022

50th anniversary of the premier “They Called Him Amen”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “A Called Him Amen”. Directed by Alfio Caltabiano and starring Luc Merenda, Sydne Rome. Mila Beran and Alfio Caltabiano as Alf Thunder. The story is about Horatio/Amen (Merenda) who has come to town to visit an old friend named Smith (Caltabiano), his former partner in crime. Smith is the local priest and blacksmith. He once stole $5,000 from Horatio, who now wants it back, but unfortunately, Smith used the money to serve God by promising a dying priest to take over his position and to build a church. Smith spent all of Horatio´s money to build the church. An exceptional safecracker Smith is talked into joining up with Horatio to rob a strongbox containing half a million dollars. They put together a gang comprised of a senile old man, a bartender and, yes, and the old man’s grandson Every member of a gang has a specific role among which is double-crossing each other. It all leads to one big brawl, in which Smith makes his way through a saloon full of customers, who he dispenses with pretty easily. During the brawl a schoolmistress (Rome) makes off with the money.


Così Sia – Italian title

Trinita schiet en zegt… Amen! – Brazilian title

De Kaldte Ham Amen – Danish title

Det ellevilde vesten – Danish title

Lännen laiskin kovanaama – Finnish title

Amen – French title

Trinita, tire et dis… Amen – French title

Dein Wille geschehe, Amigo! – German title

Itan skliros kai ton elegan Amin – Greek title

Ton fonazan ‘Amin’ – Greek title

Da kaldte ham Amen – Norwegian title

Chamavam-Ihe Amem – Portuguese title

Le llamaban Amen – Spanish title

Dos golfos en el oeste – Spanish title

Juntos son explosivos! – Spanish title

A Dios rogando y con los puños dando – Spanish ttile

…Dom kallar honom Amen – Swedish title

Man Called Amen – English title

Therefore It Is – English title

They Call Him Amen – English title

They Called Him Amen – English title


A 1972 Italian film production [Laser Films (Rome)]

Producer: Nicola Venditti

Director: Alf Thunder (Alfio Caltabiano)

Story: Adriano Bolzoni, Alfio Caltabiano

Screenplay: Adriano Bolzoni (Alfio Caltabiano

Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Eastmancolor, Technochrome]

Music: Daniele Pattucchi

Running time: 93 minutes



Così Sia /Amen/Horatio – Luc Merenda

Dorothy – Sydne Rome

Nonno – Mila Beran (Milaslov Beran)

Reverend Smith – Alf Thunder (Alfio Caltabiano)

Chako – Tano Cimarosa (Gaetano Ciseo)

Topo/John – Renato Cestie

Professor – Dan May (Dante Maggio)

Church bell ringer – Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)

Chaco henchman – Artemio Antonini

Sheriff – Furio Meniconi

Townsman – Osiride Pevarello

Banker - Biagio Pelligra

Bank guard – Angelo Susani

Stagecoach driver – Fortunato Arena

Lady seeking care - Edda Ferronao

With: Franco Gula (Francesco Gula), Pat Nigro (Pasquale Nigro), Raul Martinez (Raul Yáñez), Remo Capitani (Renato Capitani), Roberto Dell’Acqua, Omero Capanna, Elio Angelucci, Franco Gulà

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