Friday, May 21, 2021

"Oil Prince" postponed until summer 2022



By Sina Kedenburg

April 6th

Bad Segeberg (Schleswig-Holstein) - Another year of WinneZU!

 [Sascha Hehn and Katy Karrenbauer will be there on Kalkberg in 2022.]

The horses stay in the stable, the revolver in the holster, the saddle in the cupboard - for the second time in a row. Because: This year too, the Karl May Games have to postpone the play "The Oil Prince" due to the corona pandemic.

Managing Director Ute Thienel: "In a few months we will all be vaccinated, but this development will come too late for the Karl May Games in 2021." And further: "The risk would simply be far too great."

                                        [Alexander Klaws as Winnetou.]

The good news: The three main actors Alexander Klaws (37, Winnetou) Sascha Hehn (66, Oil Prince) and Katy Karrenbauer (58, Rosalie Ebersbach) will be there again next year. Then the open-air theater on the Kalkberg will take place from June 25th to September 4th.


Alexander Klaws: “I have to repeat exactly what I told you a year ago. I can't believe that we have to cancel the games for the second time. But it is what it is ... we have to look ahead! "

Financially, the Karl May Games can cope with the failures with the help of reserves. For this year the games are expecting a deficit of 1.7 million euros. The loss for 2020 is even less thanks to funding.


Tickets that have already been purchased can be rebooked to 2022 or exchanged for a voucher. Reimbursement of the purchase price is also possible. For this summer, the Karl May Games are planning a replacement program with smaller events.


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