Saturday, May 22, 2021

Jean-Marc Birkholz reads from Karl May's late works

 Karl May Co.

May 18, 2021


[Jean-Marc Birkholz, here in 2018 as Winnetou in Elspe (Photo: KARL MAY & Co./Margref)]

Jean-Marc Birkholz, Elspe-Winnetou since 2012, is reading from Karl May's late work for two new audio books by Karl May Verlag: In October and November 2021, “Ardistan” and “Der Mir von Dschinnistan” are to be released in MP3 format (each 19.95 euros).

As part of the KARL MAY & Co. anniversary events in Radebeul in 2009 and Elspe in 2019, Birkholz's voice could also be heard far away from Winnetou - here he read Karl May's poem “Ragende Berge”,  a passage in bound language from the fourth volume of the "Silver Lion" by Karl May  and from the autobiography of the writer "Mein Leben und Streben".

The Bamberg publishing house announces the first of the two audio books with the following words: “May's most important late work takes Kara Ben Nemsi and Hajji Halef Omar to a completely new setting: the star 'Sitara'. The parable-like action that takes place in the inner world includes in its huge structure the representation of the entire development of mankind.”

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