Saturday, May 8, 2021

50th Anniversary of “Django’s Cut Rate Corpses”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Anche per Django le carogne hanno un Prezzo” (Django’s Cut Rate Corpses) directed by Paolo Solvay and starring Jeff Cameron. The film tells the story of the Cortez brothers and their gang who rob the bank of Silver City and kidnap Susan Crane in order to obtain information about a gold mine. The bandits take refuge in Mexico where a number of people pursue them; Sheriff Fulton follows the robbers in pursuit of the stolen gold. Django is in pursuit in order to rescue Susan, who is his fiancée and to collect the bounty on the Cortez brothers’ heads. Pickwick is in pursuit because his stolen saddle holds the will of his grandfather leaving him a large ranch. Saloon owner Pedro and his wife Dolores also pursue the bandits. This group of people both help and hinder each other and the capture of the gang. Pedro is killed for his greed while the bandits release Susan hoping this will appease Django. Fulton, Pickwick and Django join forces to meet the Cortez brothers in a final duel to the death.


Anche per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo - Italian title

La venganza de Django - Spanish title

Tambien la corona tiene un precio - Spanish title

Django contra 4 irmaos - Brazilian title

Pour Django les salauds on un prix - French title

Même pour Django... les salauds ont un prix - French Canadian title

Auch Djangos Kopf hat seinen Preis - German title

A Pistol for Django - U.K. title

Even Django Has His Price – U.S.A. title

Django’s Cut Rate Corpses - U.S.A title


A 1971 Italian production [Constitution Film, Manuelli Italiana Film (Rome)]

Producers: Mario De Riso, Gino Turini

Director: Paolo Solvay (Luigi Batzella)

Story: Luigi Batzella, Mario DeRosa, Gaetano Dell’Era

Screenplay: Luigi Batzella, Mario DeRosa, Gaetano Dell’Era

Cinematography: Giorgio Montagnani [Eastmancolor, widescreen]

Music: Vasili Kojucharov

Running time: 89 minutes



Django - Jeff Cameron (Giovanni Scarciofolo)

Pickwick - John Desmont

Pilar - Esmeralda Barros (Esmerlinda Barros)

Susan Crane - Dominique Badou

Ramon Cortez - Edilio Kim

Ramon’s brothers - William Major, Mario De Rosa, Franco Daddi

Sheriff Fulton - Gengher Gatti

Donna Dolores Ramirez - Angela Portaluri

Pedro Ramirez - Mark Devis (Gianfranco Clerici)

Saloon girl - Laila Shed

Monk - Marletta Franco (Francesco Marletta)

Ramon henchman- Garriba Fabio (Fabio Garriba)

With: El Meteco (L. Metero), Gennaro Masino, Renato Lamperla, Wladimiro Daddi (Wladimir Daddi), Jean-Claude Jabes (Gianclaudio Jabes)


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