Monday, May 24, 2021

European Western Comic Books ~ Tom Buck

Le avventure del Far-West (Tom Buck)

Adventures in the Far West (Tom Buck)

A western comic book that tells of the adventures of cowboy Tom Buck. Texts by Amilcare Medici, drawings by Francesco Pescador. On the back cover, western stickers to be cut out to be sent to the publishing house to obtain a cash prize of 50 lire for 50 stickers sent, 150 lire for 100 stickers, 1,000 lire for sending 500 stickers.

This 4 issue comic book series was published in 1946 by Edizioni Seta in Milan, Italy. Each issue contained 8 black and white pages with color covers. Issues appeared monthly from January to April.


01 (00.00.00) - "Il sentiero di fuoco" (The Path of Fire)
02 (00.00.00) - "In lotta contro i fuori legge" (Fighting against the Outlaws)
03 (00.00.00) - "La liberazione" (The Liberation)
04 (00.00.00) - "Il canon della morte" (The Cannon of Death)

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