Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Winnetou play in Pullman City to open in June, 2021


Even though we currently don't know when we will open - we can hold our Karl-May games from June to September, that we are firmly convinced. So today we have wonderful news for you:

The lead actors of this year's Karl May games have been announced: Ivica Zdravkovic in the role of Winnetou, Stefan Wimmer as Old Shatterhand, Alexander Spleen as Martin Baumann, the son of the bear hunter. Ulf Gerspacher as Bear Hunter, Felix Berger as Wohkadeh, Fred Lobin as ′′ Heavy Moccasin ", Dominique Mona Gütte as Ahyoka, Max Hartl as ′′ Fat Jemmy ", Jochen Brand as ′′ Long Davy ′′ and Yves Vaucher as ′′ Brave Buffalo ". 

Tickets can already be purchased online at!

We are ready for the festival this summer in Eging am See, in our large open-air seats with hygiene and safety concepts in place. In the words of Mike Dietrich, textbook and director: “We’ll rock this!”

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