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Arizona Bill “The Last Minute”

A Great Sensation “The Last Minute”

Bristol Herald

July 12, 1913

     Arizona Bill is given thirty days in which the prove the authenticity of a will which he has been appointed executor. The disinherited nephew plots to kidnap Bill and the heiress so that neither can be on hand at the appointed day. There follows thirty days of wild excitement during which the heiress is captured by a hired gang. Even “Arizona” has a warm time to save his skin until Bill’s wife takes a hand in the tussle and shows bill the tracks of the bandits. To see “Arizona’s” wild ride on horseback; to see him follow the bandits as they leap upon a passing train, by himself leaping from his galloping to the vestibule; to see hm wage the fight over the roofs of the coaches, into the engine cab, onto the very roof of the engine; and finally to see him take a spectacular leap from the locomotive into a river is to realize what thrills this two-rwwl feature “The Last Minute,” featuring Joe Hamman (“Arizona Bill”) at his best, who is a great star in the Kleine-Eclipse plays.

     This and three other good pictures at the Columbia tomorrow.


April 2, 1914

 [submitted by Michael Ferguson]


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