Tuesday, March 23, 2021

RIP Jean Louis


Rex Lee from the Western Maniac website has posted that French actor Jean Louis died in France during the night between December 30-31, 2020. Louis has been one of the those mysterious actors that there was little to no information available. Finally, on December 24, 2020 Jacques Pradel posted on the Indianagilles website that he had made contact with Jean Louis’ partner Geneviève Hersent and had acquired much of the long-sought information on the French actor. He promised to post more information in January but we are still waiting for a follow up post. Louis was born Jean Emile Louis in 1934 in France and he appeared in some twenty films beginning with his appearance as Slim Baxter in 1966’s “Ramon the Mexican”. During his acting career he also became a dubbing director and actor dubbing Italian films into French while still in Rome. His Euro-westerns include: “Ramon the Mexican” 1966 (Slim Baxter); “Gentleman Killer” [French voice of Anthony Steffen]; “A Winchester Does Not Forgive” (Sandy) both 1967; “Dead Men Don’t Count” [French voice of Anthony Steffen]; “God May Forgive You, Not Me” (Scott) [French voice of Pedro Sanchez]; “I Want Him Dead” [French voice of Craig Hill]; “The Man Who Cried for Revenge” (bounty hunter); “No Graves on Boot Hill” (Rod); “A Pistol for 100 Coffins” [French voice of Piero Lulli]; “A Stranger in Paso Bravo” [French voice of Anthony Steffen] all 1968; “Bury Them Deep” [French voice of Craig Hill]; “Garringo” [French voice of Anthony Steffen]; “I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death” (Slim’s brother); “The Price of Power” [French voice of Benito Stefanelli]; “Sartana the Gravedigger” (Slim); “The Stranger’s Gundown” (Captain Howard Ross) all 1969; “Ringo, It's Massacre Time” (Ringo Wood/Stanton) [as James Luisi] (1970); “4 Candles for My Colt” [French voice of Robert Woods]; “Return of Sabata” (Braddock brother); “Trinity Is STILL My Name” (Murdock); “Vendetta at Dawn” (Wal); “Vengeance Trail” [French voice of Ivan Rassimov]; “W Django” [French voice of Anthony Steffen] all 1971; “Alleluja & Sartana… Sons of God” [French voice of Ron Ely]; “A Bounty Killer for Trinity” [French voice of Antonio Cantafora]; “The Great Treasure Hunt” [French voice of Mark Damon]; “Man of the East” (Sheriff Liget); “Halleluja to Vera Cruz”  (Don Felipe) (1973).

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  1. I have an experimental silent film, 1965, made in Rome in which Jean Louis appears and another one from the same time.