Sunday, March 21, 2021

Who Are Those Composers? ~ Fred Stritmatter


Fred Stritmatter was born in July 10, 1923 in Basel, Switzerland and was a Swiss/German film composer. His most famous works include the title themes for the TV series ‘Dick and Doof’ and ‘The Pink Panther’.

In 1930, at the age of seven, Strittmatter began private music studies in Basel on the violin. Originally, he wanted to study engineering, but then began from 1945, a self-taught training on the guitar and music theory in an internment camp in Switzerland. From 1946 he worked as a musician, in 1949 he wrote his first compositions for the radio, and from 1950/51 onwards his first compositions for feature films followed. From 1963 he received his first composition commissions for television series such as ‘Dick and Doof’ and ‘The Pink Panther’. He wrote some pieces together with Quirin Amper Jr. From the beginning of the 1970s Strittmatter composed under the pseudonym "Fred Tornow" for erotic films.

Stritmatter died on September 12, 1985 but I can find nowhere that states where.

STRITMATTER, Fred (aka Fred Tornow) [7/10/1923, Basel, Switzerland – 9/12/1985] – composer.

7 Hours of Gunfire – 1965 (co)


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