Friday, May 27, 2016

The Power - Era of the Wild West

Il potere: Epoca del Far West – Italian title
The Power - Era of the Wild West – English title

A 1965 Italian production [Aquarius Audiovisual (Rome)]
Producers: Mario Fattori, Federico Pantanella
Director: Augusto Tretti
Story: Augusto Tretti
Screenplay: Augusto Tretti
Cinematography: Ubaldo Marelli [black & white, color]
Music: Eugenia Manzoni Tretti
Running time: 86 minutes

Indians - Massimo Compostrini, Paola Tosi, Diego Peres, Giovanni Moretto

Part 3 “Epoca del Far West” (Era of the Wild West) of a 5 part film called “Il Potere” (The Power) which wasn’t released until 1972. Epoca del Far West, the power does not renounce the genocide perpetrated by settlers, soldiers and convicts against the Indians. This is compared one-hundred years later by American soldiers in Vietnam.

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