Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Dollar a Day and Found

A Dollar a Day and Found – English title

A 1977-1978 British production [Remuda Western Club (Kent)]
Producer: Johnny Concho (John Townsend)
Director: Johnny Concho (John Townsend)
Story: Johnny Concho (John Townsend)
Screenplay: Johnny Concho (John Townsend)
Cinematography: Group VI Films [black & white, color]
Running time: 32 minutes

The Cowboys – Johnny Concho (John Townsend), Alan Sawyer, Barry Callagher, Colin Hilton-ash, Nathan Bensusan
The Indians – Trevor Cracknell, Shane Townsend, Kevin Smith, Dave Charnley, Steve Fenner, Martin Arnold, Nikki Vincent
Indian squaw – Jennie B.

This amateur British production made by the Remuda Western Club in England tells the story of a man who leaves his father’s estate in England to manage the Circle R Ranch in Texas.

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