Sunday, May 29, 2016

Er kannte kein Erbarmen

Er kannte kein Erbarmen – German title
(He Knew No Mercy – English translated title)

A 2001 production [Brandl Films (Arnstorf)]
Producer: Günther Brandl, Helmut Brandl
Director: Günther Brandl, Helmut Brandl
Story: Günther Brandl, Mathias Englbrecht
Screenplay: Günther Brandl, Mathias Englbrecht
Cinematography: Helmut Brandl, Monika Brandl, Mathias Englbrecht, Günther Brandl, Josef Schönberger
Music: Creed
Running time: 70 minutes

John Delgado - Stefan Lang
Duncan - Josef Schönberger
Roscoe - Mathias Englbrecht
Will Adley - Helmut Brandl
Valdez - Günther Brandl
Navajo - Helmut Brandl
Sheriff Whitmore - Günther Brandl
Santos - Josef Schönberger
Hannah - Monika Brandl
Frank Anderson - Günther Brandl
Walter - Alois Brandl
Anderson's wife - Monika Brandl
Buckman - Mathias Englbrecht
Mr. Tunstall - Günther Brandl
Leo - Helmut Brandl
Delgado's henchmen - Mathias Englbrecht, Helmut Brandl
Townsmen - Josef Schönberger, Mathias Englbrecht
Nutte - Monika Brandl
Saloon patron - Günther Brandl

A gunman working for the railroad pins the murder of the sheriff Whitmore on Frank Anderson when he refuses to sell his farm to the railroad.

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