Monday, May 2, 2016

Along the River

Along the River – International title

A 2015 Italian, Spanish co-production [Metropolis Film Association (Turin)]
Producer: Danielle Nicolosi, Alfredo Di Maio
Director: Daniele Nicolosi
Story: “Lungo Il Fiume” by Giampaolo Galli
Screenplay: Daniele Nicolosi
Cinematography: Davis Alfano [color]
Music: Marco Mancini
Song: “Flowers in the Wind” sung by Gabriele Carena
Running time: 28 minutes

Sheriff Frank de Ville – Franco Nero
Roy de Ville – Raffaele Musella
Timothy Suffolk - Lorenzo Robino
Navajo chief - Mike Vasquez
Navajo girl - Deisy Johanna Romero
Benito Chavez – Ramon Branda
Deputy Sheriff - Ricky Tursi (Riccardo Tursi)
Suffolk henchman - Fabio Zito

In 1905 New Mexico, a much admired sheriff is asked to investigate a murder but things become complicated when his son becomes involved as a prime suspect.

Special Marquee Award – American Movie Awards

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