Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who Are Those Guys? John Bindon

John Bindon was born in Fulham, London, England on October 4, 1943. The son of a London cab driver, Bindon was frequently in trouble as a youth for getting into fights, and spent two periods in Borstal. He was spotted in a London pub by Ken Loach who asked him to star in his film “Poor Cow” (1967). Other film and television productions followed, with Bindon being sought after to play gangsters or tough police detectives. He played a violent mobster alongside Mick Jagger in “Performance” (1970) and a London crime boss in “Get Carter” (1971). Bindon appeared as John Coulter alongside Richard Harris in the 1971 Euro-western “Man in the Wilderness. Bindon was described as "the archetypal actor-villain, and an all-round 'good geezer'".
He was also known for having many socialite girlfriends, such as Christine Keeler, the former Playboy "Bunny Girl" Serena Williams and Vicki Hodge, who had a 12-year abusive relationship with Bindon. Through Hodge, Bindon gained access to British aristocratic circles, which culminated with his meeting Princess Margaret in the late 1960s, at her home on Mustique in the Caribbean. Bindon claimed he had sex with the princess, whilst Margaret later denied the meeting ever took place despite photographic evidence.
Bindon lived his hard man persona on and off screen. He was believed to be running protection rackets in west London pubs and to have had alleged connections to the Kray twins and the Richardson Gang. In the late 1970s in addition to acting work he provided security for actors and musicians, most notoriously for Led Zeppelin on their 1977 U.S. tour, where he was sacked for brawling backstage. In 1978 Bindon was tried for the murder of London gangster Johnny Darke. Bindon pleaded self-defense and was acquitted, but the case damaged his reputation, and this coupled with being seen as difficult to work with by directors meant his acting career declined. In the 1980s Bindon became reclusive and died on October 10, 1993 from an AIDS related illness.

BINDON, John [10/4/1943, Fulham, London, England, U.K. – 10/10/1993, Belgravia, London, England, U.K. (AIDS)] – stage, TV actor.
Man in the Wilderness – 1971 (John Coulter)

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