Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Lorenzo Piani

Lorenzo Piani was born on January 19, 1944 in Monfalcone, Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. He is an actor, known for “Scent of a Woman”, “Swept Away” (both 1974) and “Deep Red” (1975). Piani debuted in style in 1955, as he was chosen by Otto Preminger to star alongside Gary Cooper and Rod Steiger in Corte marziale (1955). With a debut like that, impossible to say why he never developed into a major star of the cinema. He was usually found playing supporting roles in action films such as in the 1968 film “Commandos” with Lee Van Cleef, with Klaus Kinski in “Sartana the  Gravedigger” (1969). He certainly do not lack appearing in a number big name art films, for example, he appears in Federico Fellini’s  “Satyricon” (1969) and the Marco Ferreri directed “Hello Gulliver” (1970).
His Euro-westerns number some nineteen appearances such as the previously mentioned “Sartana the Gravedigger” (1969), “He was Called the Holy Spirit” (1971), “The Long Ride of Vengeance” (1972), “Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre” (1973), and “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Colt” (1975).
After his career peaked in the 1970s his appearances started to decline in the 1980s until he retired after his final appearance in “Klon” in 1994.
Today we celebrate one of the Euro-western most ignored actors Lorenzo Piani on his 70th birthday.


  1. Biltmore: He's a hard face to locate in some westerns.

  2. Yes I know. Some of these actors faces seem to change from film to film depending on what type of role they are playing. Even when you know what character they are playing you have to study their faces for awhile to make sure it is correct. Part of the fun.