Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Il terrore dell’Oklahoma – Italian title
La terreur de l’Oklahoma – French title
Terror in Oklahoma – German title
O tromokratis tis Oklahomas – Greek title
Terror in Oklahoma – English title
The Terror of Oklahoma – U.S.A. title
A 1959 Italian production [Betauno Film (Rome)]
Producer: Guido Paolucci
Director: Mario Amendola
Story: Mario Amendola
Screenplay: Mario Amendola
Cinematography: Adalberto Albertini [black & white, Ultrascope]
Music: Manuel Parada, Carlo Innocenzi
Song: "Favoloso Far West" sung by ?
Running time: 93 minutes
Clay ‘Terror of Oklahoma’ Norton – Maurizio Arena (Maurizio Di Lorenzo)
Bethsabee/Betsabea – Delia Scala (Odette Bedogni)
Doctor Jeremiah McNamara – Mario Carotenuto
Duke Travis – Livio Lorenzon
Joe – Toni Ucci (Antonio Ucci)
Ali Martin – Nino Nini
Virginian – Alfredo Rizzo
Terry Sozzo – Tiberio Murgia
Sheriff Benny – Alberto Bonucci
Shirley – Valeria Moriconi
Bill Fuoricentro - Elio Crovetto (Valerio Abbozzeti)
Bogart – Alberto Farnese (Alberto Quaglini)
Member of the Bouganville family - Alberto Sorrentino
Miss Moorey - Pupella Maggio (Giustina Maggio)
saloon dancer - Helen Sedlack (Elena Sedlack)
With:  Elena Sedlack, Paolo Gozlino, Anita Todesco, Vittorio Mafrino, Paola Certini, Benito Stefanelli, Adalberto Albertini, Carlo Pisacane, Bruno Smith, Omberto Valmori, Bruno Ukmar, Goffredo Spinedi, Giuliano Mancini, Livio Ceserani, Gillian Horart, Emanuel Yan, Pauline Dowling, 

Rio Placido is a small town in the West, where life is lived peacefully. But this idyllic peace is compromised on a day when a gang of outlaws arrives in town. They’ve learned there is a gold mine in the vicinity of the town. By their violent ways they try and induce the inhabitants to abandon their homes and lands, leaving them the exclusive exploitation of the mine. The inhabitants of Rio Placido do not intend to suffer the arrogance of the bandits, and to be able to effectively oppose their claims, they hire a famous gunslinger, called “The Terror of Oklahoma”, who they entrust the job of ridding the country of the outlaws. The gunman however, whose courage is not equal to his fame, is very doubtful that the gunman, that he can satisfactorily fulfill the mandate entrusted to him, because the local sheriff, who is to support him and work with him, is a very timid man. The situation, which looks unpromising, changes as a result of a large family of Quakers, who so far have always been loyal to the doctrine of non-violence, have changed their religious beliefs, and this allows the various members of the families to take up their rifles and vanquish the villains, helping him "The Terror of Oklahoma" out of tight situation.


  1. Tom, the ''Archivio del Cinema Italiano" gives more (and partly other) role names


  3. Oh, there's a song in the movie named ''Favoloso Far West"...

  4. Thanks much Fatman. I've revised the post with the additional information you provided. Best, Tom