Friday, January 10, 2014


Le goût de la violence – French title
Febbre di rivolta – Italian title
Haut für Haut – German title
De smaak van het geweld – Belgium title
I dipsa tis vias – Greek title
El sabor de la violence – Spanish title
Ukus nasiljam – Yugoslavian title
The Taste of Violence – English title
A 1960 French, Italian, West German co-production [Franco London Films, Societe Nouvelle des Etablissements Gaumont (Paris), Continental Produzione (Rome), Universum Film A.G. (Munich)]
Producers: Alain Podre, Ralph Baum
Director: Robert Hossein (Abraham Hoseinoff)
Story: Clade Desailly, Robert Hossein (Abraham Hoseinoff), Louis Martin, Jules Roy
Screenplay: Clade Desailly, Robert Hossein (Abraham Hoseinoff), Louis Martin, Jules Roy, Hans Neubert, Dany Jacquet
Cinematography: Jacques Robin [black & white, Dyaliscope]
Music: André Hossein (André Hoseinoff)
Song: “Poderoso senor” sung by Severino Alvarez
Running time: 96 minutes
Perez – Robert Hossein (Abraham Hoseinoff)
Maria – Giovanna Ralli
Chico – Mario Adorf
Chamaco – Hans H. Neubert
Bianca – Madeleine Robinson (Madeleine Svoboda)
Isa – Dany Jacquet
Diego - Mate Ergovic (Mato Ergovic)
With: Relja Bašić, Petar Dobric, Sanda Fiderseg, Mila Oremovic

1890, in a poor country in Latin America, civil war has broken out. At the head of a revolutionary group, Perez, Chico and Chamaco, attack a train that Maria, the daughter of the head of state, is travelling on. Avoiding villages, peasants and nationalists, the three men bring Maria to the revolutionary headquarters. But misunderstandings happen: Perez wants to sacrifice everything for the revolution, Chamaco wants to request a large ransom for Maria, Chico is in love with Maria and wants to run away with her. While Chamaco tries to get rid of Perez, he fails and Chico is killed. Chamaco is killed by Perez and Maria is touched by his death. The couple stops Chez Bianca, sister of Perez. They are informed of the latest events, that the headquarters was located and destroyed. Perez and Maria believe in a better world, but reality and destiny will keep the separated.

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