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Due contro tutti – Italian title
El sheriff terrible – Spanish title
Os bravos de Golden City – Portuguese title
Two Against All – English title
The Terrible Sheriff – English title
A 1962 Italian, Spanish co-production [Cineproduzione Erno Bistolfi (Rome), Copercines Cooperativa Cinematografica (Madrid)]
Producers: Emo Bistolfi, Rafael Romero Marchent, Norberto Solino
Directors: Antonio Momplet, Alberto de Martino
Story: Mario Guerra, Victor Vighi
Screenplay: Mario Guerra, Ruggero Maccari, José Mallorquí (José Figuerola), Giulio Scarnicci, Ettore Scola,Vittorio Vighi
Cinematography: Ricardo Torres (Ricardo Nunez), Dario Di Palma [Eastmancolor]
Music: Manuel Parada, Gianni Ferrio, Franco Pisano
Songs: “Era un Bullivan,” “Cotton Twist” sung by ?
Running time: 95 minutes
Bull Bullivan – Walter Chiari (Walter Annichiarico)
Jonathan Bullivan – Raimondo Vianello
Mayor Fats Missouri – Aroldo Tieri
Suzanne – Licia Calderón
Smith – Antonio Molino Rojo
Mac Cyste – MacRonay (Germain Sauvard)
Clementine – María Silva (María Rodríguez)
Poultryman – Félix Fernández (Félix Garcia)
Jimmy de la Rosa – José Villasante
Black Boy – Fernando Hilbeck (Fernando Gavalda)
Poultryman’s wife – Maruja Tamayo
Macister – Antonio Vico (Antonio Camarero)
Gamblers – Alfonso Rojas, Miguel Angel Castillo (Miguel del Castillo)
Bartender – Pedro Fenollar
Townsmen – Xan das Bolas (Tomás Peña), Juan Cazalilla
Townswomen – María Pinar, Belinda Corel
Actress – Ángela Pla
Barber – Venancio Muro
Missouri henchmen – Emilio Rodríguez, Rafael Luis Calvo (Rafael Muniz)
Fats henchmen – José Riesgo, Antonio Padilla
With: José Luis Galicia (José Gonzalo), Bruno Scipioni, Claude Marshall (Claude Marchant), (Joe Egger) Josef Egger, José Calvo (José Salgado)

Brothers, Bull and Jonathan Bullivan, survive a lynching of a group of blacks who have found them cheating at cards. After a long trek, the two arrive in Golden City, which is in the hands of a group of outlaws led by the mayor Fats Missouri, a shady individual that hides under the mask of legality. Along with the owner of the saloon, and with the collaboration of Black Boy, Fats Missouri is able to terrorize the inhabitants of Golden City to the point that everyone has decided to sell their land, houses and farms for very little money and move to other areas. Of course, the land, houses and farms were bought secretly by Fats and his cronies. The Bullivan brothers, having just arrived in town, they meet two sisters, Suzanne and Clementine, and they fall in love and soon after being hungry, have a hearty chicken dinner. In reality the chicken had been treated with a special energy formula by Little Barnum an organizer of cock fights. This makes the Bullivans practically invincible and full of energy. Among their following adventures, the two brothers manage to vanquish the gang of criminals. But the brothers Bullivan prefer to leave Golden City in search of new adventures, accompanied by Suzanne and Clementine.

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