Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 75th Birthday Ramón Farrán

Ramón Farrán Sánchez was born on January 4, 1939 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Ramón is a Spanish composer and conductor. The son of a musician, he started very young playing drums in his father's big band, "Orquesta Plantación". His career was oriented to jazz-fusion, and he played with Sonny Rollins, Don Byas, Chet Baker and Joe Henderson. He was a music producer in the 1960s for (Juan y Júnior) and composed for Julio Iglesias. He also composed the soundtrack for TV series "Los marginados" and wrote the soundtrack for "Ilegally yours", by Peter Bogdanovich. His one Euro-western score is for the 1996 comedy Euro-western: “Here Comes Condemor (The Sinner of the Plains)”.
Still active today we celebrate Ramón Farrán’s 75th birthday.

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