Saturday, January 18, 2014

La terreur de Pampa

La terreur de pampa – French title
La Terreur de la pampa – Spanish title
The Terror of the Pampas – English title
A 1932 French production [Félix Méric (Paris)]
Producer: Félix Méric
Director: Maurice Cammage
Story: José de Bérys (Joseph Bloch), Jean Manse
Screenplay: José de Bérys (Joseph Bloch), Jean Manse
Cinematography: [black & white]
Running time: 40 minutes
Sam – Joë Alex (Joseph Alexander)
Tom Spielman – Henri Baudin
Nelly – Monette Dinay (Simonne Dinay)
Billy Foster – Fernandel (Fernand Contadin)
Sheriff – Pierre Finaly

Having moved to Texas to make a quick fortune, Bill finds work as a handyman at a reputedly haunted ranch. With the help of an Indian and Nelly, the daughter of the household, Bill manages to resolve the mystery of the cursed ranch and free Jim Corbett, who has been held prisoner by the ranch's owner. Billy soon becomes a local hero and is elected sheriff..

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