Sunday, January 26, 2014


Texas - Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem – German title
Texas – Doc Snyder – English title
A 1993 German production [Royal Film Production (Germnay)]
Producer: Hanno Huth
Director: Heige Schneider, Ralf Huettner
Story: Helge Schneider
Screenplay: Helge Schneider, Schringo van den Berg
Cinematography: Diethard Prengel [color]
Music: Helge Schneider
Song: “Texas” sung by Helge Schneider
Running time: 110 minutes
Doc Snyder/Commissioner Schneider – Helge Schneider
Doc’s mother – Andreas Kunze
Hank Snyder – Peter Berling
Nasenmann – Peter Thoms
Sheriff – Werner Abrolat
Lieutenant Körschgen – Helmut Körschgen
Buddy Casino – Buddy Casino (Hartmut Grabe)
Buckliger – Michael Habeck
von Zitzewitz – Ludgig Haas
Know-It-All – Ludger Pistor
Dear God – Charly Weiss
Banker – Gerd Lohmeyer
Mayor – Helmut Kleinmann
Noble lady – Mirjam Wiesemann
Storrerer – Rupert Seidl
Geiger – Wayne Bartlett
Saloon band – Schringo van den Berg (Jürgen van den Berg), Sergej Gleitmann
Barkeeper – Herbert Ranft
Gallow workers – Uwe Lyko (Uwe Heinrich), Martin ‘Alf’ Breuer
Undertaker – Reinhard Glöder
Trainee – Matthias Scheele
Bratislav Metulsky – Bratislav Metulsky (Bratislav Metulskie)
Schmeid – Kara Natas
Doc’s horse – Boris (Angelika)

Doc Snyder returns after more than 30 years to his hometown in Texas with a bag full of dirty laundry for his mother to wash. During a raid on a stagecoach he loses the laundry bag. One of the passengers a hangman, an aging gunslinger who was also robbed, is out for revenge.
He meets his badly shaven mother and learns his brother Hank is to be hung. A duel with the hangman is inevitable. Doc meets Dear God and two people from another time who he brings into the plot: Commissioner Schneider and his assistant. The film ends with the fact that the Commissioner Doc Snyder runs over to a car, that at time didn’t exist and states Doc Snyder also did not exist.
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