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Who Are Those Gals? - Lidia Biondi

Lidia Biondi was born in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy on May 16, 1942. in Livorno at the age of ten, he began to study classical dance. It’s also in Livorno that she makes her first theater appearance with the "Centro artistico Il Grattacielo." She continues her dance studies at the school of Florence Daria Collins while obtaining a second degree at the art school in Lucca. She then enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, where she studied stage and costume design, but stops in her third year to begin her career in the theater as a classical dancer. In the 1960s Lidia moved to Rome, where she attended, on scholarship, the Experimental Center of Cinematography. During this period she actively participates in the avant-garde experiments and Roman theater, working with Giancarlo Celli, Simone Carella, Giorgio Marini (Dionysus Theatre), Silvano Bussotti, Domenico Guaccero, Alvin Curran, (New Consonance ) ... etc. . In 1968 she meets Bernhard De Vries, a young leader of the Dutch youth protest movement Dutch (Provos), with whom he has a son.
Sometimes credited as Lydia Biondi, she has taken part in more than 45 films since the 1960s. Among them she appeared in two Euro-westerns: “Death at Owell Rock” (1966) with Mark Damon and “Gunman of 100 Crosses” (1971) with Tony Kendall.
Biondi studied and worked for a long time with the Swiss mime Roy Bosier and in 1979 founded the first school of mime in Rome, MTM (Mimo Teatro Movimento). With MTM she conducts classes and produces shows in which she is engaged as an actress. In the meantime, she works as an actress and mime with numerous directors in Theatre, Television and Film (G. Cobelli, F. Enriquez, M. Parodi, R. Guicciardini, M. Gagliardo, F. Maestranzi, G. Amelio, F. Fellini, Pietrangeli, Steno, Saliva, Pasolini and Rossellini).
In 1981 she leaves Italy being hired by the famous company of Mummenschanz and accompanies them on a long world tour. Back in Italy in 1985, re-joining her association with MTM and Master Bosier  in the STUDIO THEATRE MTM laboratory carrying out an intense activity in the field of Performing Arts and Crafts movement. She also begins a long association directing, as a choreographer of mimic movements in Drama Theatre and Lyric Opera .
Meanwhile Lidia resumes her activities as an actress in cinema, television and theater.
In recent years she participated in several successful television dramas, among them ‘La Squadra’ (2000-2009), ‘Compagni di banco’ (2005), ‘Il bello delle donne’ (2001-2003), ‘Diritto di difesa’ (2004), ‘L'onore e il rispetto’ (2006), ‘Il Sangue e la Rosa’ (2008) and ‘Aldo Moro - Il presidente’ (2008).
In 2010 she had a part in the movie “Letters to Juliet” directed by Gary Winick, starring Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave and “Mangia prega ama” directed by Ryan Murphy, starring Julia Roberts.
Her most recent television project is “Un caso di coscienzaa” (2013), directed by Luigi Perelli while the film is “Sole a catinelle” (2013) with Checco Zalone.
Today Lydia Biondi lives in Rome, has a son, two grandchildren and three dogs.

BIONDI, Lidia (aka Lydia Biondi) [5/16/1942, Livorno, Tuscany, Italy -     ] - assistant director, dancer, stage, TV actress, founded MIMO [1979], mother of a son.
Death at Owell Rock - 1966
Guman of 100 Crosses - 1971

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